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Welcome on the beta version of SymDB.

This database aims to regroup genomic data for a wide range of species to study the evolution of symbiosis. To date, the database is mainly focused on the nitrogen-fixing nodule clade (Fagales, Fabales, Cucurbitales and Rosales) for which 55 genomes are currently available. A number of outgroups covering all the main Angiosperms orders are also included. Non-Angiosperms genomes (Gymnosperms, Mosses, Ferns, Liverworts and Algae) will be included in the near future.

The access to the database is protected. If you wish to access SymDB, please ask for an account by sending an email to J. Keller (

The database has been created, is developed and maintained by J. Keller, PM. Delaux, H. San Clemente and L. Cottret.