Proteomics, assisted by mass spectrometry, is a powerful method to identify cell wall proteins. Given that mass spectrometry can go beyond the bounds of protein identification to explore protein structure, an in-depth analysis can be done on mass spectrometry data. Such data permit to uncover maturation events by site mapping or to detect post-translational modifications. ProTerNyc was developed as a bioinformatic tool to predict the location of the N-terminus of mature secreted proteins and N-glycosylated peptides using the data obtained by mass spectrometry.

For publication of results, please cite:
Plant cell wall proteomics: mass spectrometry data, a trove for research on protein structure/function relationships.
C Albenne, H Canut, G Boudart, Y Zhang, H San Clemente, R Pont-Lezica, E Jamet
Mol Plant, 2: 977-989, 2009.

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